Anta Klay Thompson KT4 2019 Light Low Basketball Shoes - Bright Blue


Series: Basketball
Style Code & Color: 11921668-9 Light Blue/White/Purple
Material: Textile + Synthetic Leather
Sole: Rubber + EVA + TPU
Function: Cushioning, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Breathable, Lightweight
Release Date: 2019 Spring
Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand New

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This anta 2019 new kt4 light basketball shoes is very suitable for summer basketball sports, it uses A-WEB and A-Shock stablizer design, more breathable and lightweight. Now this men's anta klay thompson basketball sneakers for sale on Hibasketballshoes store with cheap price. 
1. Soft one-piece A-WEB breathable mesh upper, suitable for summer basketball sports
2. A-Shock stablizer outsole with concave water ripple design, wear-resistant and non-slip
3. Integral neckline design, weight reduction and more breathable

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Color Blue