Peak 2018 Men's Tony Parker 6 Professional Basketball Shoes - Black/White/Red


Series: Basketball
Style Code & Color:  E83323A-8 Black/White/Red
Material: Textile + Synthetic Leather
Sole: Rubber 
Tech: P-Boom, Gradient Dual 
Feature: Anti-torsion, Cushioning, Comfortable, High wear-resistant
Release Date: 2018 Winter
Condition: 100 Authentic and Brand New

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This is Tony Parker TP basketball shoes series, which is cushioning, stability and comfortable. The style was worn by Tony Parker in 2018-2019 NBA seasons, now you can buy this professional basketball sneakers from Shopanta store with cheap price.
1. Upgraded P-Boom tech to enhance foot stability, elastic TPU full cover heel and misole 
2. The forefoot with four new Gradient Dual modules, cushioning and quick start
3. Shoe toe with detailed and textured leather material
4. Back Shoe upper with one woven fabric, flexible, breathable and comfortable fit wearing experience
5. Shoe tongue printed Tony Parker personality logo design

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Color Black