361º Aaron Gordon AG1-SE “一飞冲天” Men's Professional Basketball Shoes - Red/White

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The color scheme is inspired by the flying goddess in the Dunhuang murals, and the design inspiration is also drawn from the traditional Chinese celebration wine.

The 361° AG1 SE is based on AG1. It innovates the upper on the basis of the same outsole, ensuring stability and highlighting the properties of breathability and light weight. The tongue and heel webbing are decorated with the words "飞天扣将", and there is also a flash card logo of Aaron Gordon's flying image on the tongue, which echoes the theme and also plays a finishing touch.

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Series: Basketball
Style Code& Color:672131107 Red/White
Material: Synthetic leather + Mesh + PP film
Sole: Rubber +TPU
Function: Responsive, Grip, Wear-resistant, Support, Stability, Soft
Release Date: 2021 Summer
Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand New

1. The large mesh fabric is spliced ​​with high-permeability MONO yarn to help cool and wick away sweat.
2. The structural sense PP film fuse strengthens the support.
3. Shoe tongue: AG and 361°2D shaking double standard dynamic interpretation of star attribution.
4. Heel: The encircling structure is stable and the feet are balanced and stable, winning the basketball court.
5.The large-surface rubber material is matched with delicate shading zones to improve the grip performance.

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