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Anta x Dragon Super Goku Black Men’s Culture Sneakers


This is a pre-sale and will be shipped in November.

The earth is in jeopardy, Goku, facing the battle!The tenth cosmic practice king, "Zamas", used his "Super Dragon Ball" wish for his own "justice." Exchange the body with the seventh universe, the Asians, and gradually approach the earth, trying to destroy all human beings.

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Series: Dragonball Super
Style Code & Color: 11941801-3
Material: Textile
Sole: Rubber + EVA + TPU
Tech: A-WEB, A-Flashfoam
Function: Cushioning, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Breathable, Package, Support
Release Date: 2019 Winter
Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand New
1. The midsole is equipped with Anta basketball core cushioning technology A-shock heel, and the spherical A-shock design brings excellent cushioning experience.
2. Multi-material laminated upper triple strap design.
3. The body of the shoe is flying and weaving, and the skin is wrapped tightly.
4. The design of the toe leather material provides good toe protection.
5. One-piece neckline, full of trend.
6. Wear rubber on the outsole. 
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Color Black
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