Erke Humblm 1.0  Professional Basketball Shoes - White/Black

Erke Humble 1.0 Professional Basketball Shoes - Black

Erke Humble 1.0 Professional Basketball Shoes - Blue


Erke released its first professional basketball shoes - Humble 1.0
Judging from the naming of this pair of sneakers, we can see Erke’s attitude towards making professional basketball shoes this time, which is to remain humble and make every basketball shoes with heart.

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"HUMBLE" means "calm, humble, down-to-earth", which is also the group slogan of Erke, reflecting the humble nature of the Chinese people.

Upper: Different weaves are used on the inside and outside according to different usage requirements.
Inside: High-density, thicker side braid for added medial stability and support.
Outside: Multiple weaving methods and multi-layer weaving methods increase the breathability of the upper while ensuring that the upper is firm and not easy to break.

The midsole has built-in qì technology to increase the resilience and cushioning of the overall shoe.

Internal and external TPU:
To increase the support of the shoe body, dual support forms are adopted on the outside, and the heel position is heightened.
On the inside, the heel support is added based on the braided surface support.

The tongue is integrated with the shoe body, which effectively prevents the tongue from moving and enhances the foot feel inside, ensuring that the shoe body is integrated without any foreign body feeling.
The strapping effect with various inclinations is very good for the firmness of the shoelaces.

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