Feiyue x 海贼王 "ONE PIECE" Doodle Casual Shoes - Portgas·D· Ace

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Potkas D. Ace is a fictional character in the Japanese anime "One Piece", collectively known as "Fire Fist", is the righteous brother of the protagonist Monch D. Luffy, is dead. Ace's real name is Gor D. Ace. He is actually the son of "One Piece" Gor D. Roger. When he grew up, because he hated his father quite a bit, he changed his surname to his natural mother, Potcas D. Lu.

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Color: 20191205-3 Red
Material: Canvas
Outsole: Rubber
Release Date: Summer 2018
Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic
1. Shoe upper with graffiti design and hand-printing .
2. Classic feiyue shoe style and vulcanization shoes process .
3. Meticulous workmanship and simple feiyue logo .
4. There are Portgas·D· Ace pictures on the shoes .

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Color Red
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