Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci 6 Pro Basketball Shoes - Taco

Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci 6 Pro Basketball Shoes - Taco

Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci 6 Pro Basketball Shoes


On October 19th, the Chinese brand Qiaodan Sports officially announced the endorsement cooperation with the core player of the NBA Spurs, Kelden Johnson. In the new season, KJ will wear a new generation of jointly customized Qiaodan Sports "Fengci 6 PRO" boots to compete on the field.

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As a speed-explosive wing player, speed is KJ's "core weapon". Popovich once revealed that KJ lost 21 pounds in the offseason in order to improve his overall agility and speed.

The joint sneakers made by Jordan Sports for KJ - a new generation of "Fengci 6 PRO", equipped with the brand new "" technology of the " Turbo" technology family, full of cushioning, and provide excellent rebound rate, allowing players to start The speed is faster, the court is more explosive, and the style of play that deeply matches KJ's speed wing will become KJ's weapon in the new season.

The midsole technology uses TURBO technology with full palm supercritical foaming.    Compared with the traditional EVA foam material, the energy rebound is increased by 31%, and the light weight is increased by 32%!    When starting to kick the ground, the full palm award turbo technology provides sensitive and fast rebound.

The light weight and high performance of the upper part conforms to the upper, which ensures the support of the upper and reduces the weight of the shoe body to a certain extent.    The overall upper is wrapped and fit, and the key parts have also been reinforced and upgraded.

The large-area parametric sole texture not only ensures the grip performance of the outfield, but also the extremely hard rubber material of the outsole can also have excellent wear resistance.

A pair of practical sneakers that speed players must have!

Series: Basketball

Code & Color:AM13230120 Blue/Green 

Material: Textile + Synthetic leather

Sole: Rubber + EVA + TPU


Function: Cushioning, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Breathable, Package, Support

Release Date: 2022 Winter

Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand New

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