Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci Rise Basketball Shoes - Pixel

Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci Rise Basketball Shoes - Pixel

Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci Rise Basketball Shoes - College

Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci Rise Basketball Shoes - College

Keldon Johnson x Qiaodan Fengci Rise Basketball Shoes - Blue/White


Qiaodan Sports teamed up with Kelden Johnson to create new products to help players achieve explosive breakthroughs.

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As a professional basketball player, Keldon Johnson has been on a roll since he was selected by the Spurs with the 29th overall pick in 2019. Promoted to the team's starter, selected to the 12-man roster of the US team... Keldon Johnson's every outbreak and improvement made fans cheer for him. Speed and strength have become his labels.

As the spokesperson of Qiaodan Sports, Kelden Johnson is invincible on the basketball court with the Fengci series of Qiaodan Sports shoes as his combat boots. This time, Kelden Johnson stepped on the Fengci RISE sneakers to compete in the field, which also attracted widespread attention from fans. The "cubic" midsole material system used in Fengci RISE sneakers, combined with Kelden Johnson's "speed explosive" style of play, allowed him to achieve explosive speed breakthroughs on the field, and his record was invincible.

The new blockbuster Fengci RISE sneakers launched by Qiaodan Sports adopts the "Cubic" midsole material system, which is a sole technology exclusively developed by Qiaodan Sports. The forefoot is made of Qi-LIGHT material, which can help players start quickly, complete body jumps with excellent jumping power, and achieve every chic layup. In order to enhance the boosting feeling and flexibility of the feet, the Fengci RISE sneakers also use a five-toed shovel-shaped PEBA booster plate, which allows the soles of the feet to move quickly, making it easier to break through the opponent's defense line and complete breakouts again and again.

The back sole of Fengci RISE sneakers adopts 巭-PRO technology, which can provide good cushioning for the player's feet when the shot lands and avoid the risk of player injury.

In addition, the insole adopts 巭-TURBO technology as a whole, which can not only fit the shape of the player's sole, so that the player has a "push back feeling" every time he runs, but also optimizes the connection between the front and back sole materials, making the sole more integrated and making the wearing experience more comfortable.

In terms of the design of the outsole and the upper, Fengci RISE sneakers are also extremely ingenious. In the design of the outsole, the Fengci RISE sneakers are designed with granulated lines to increase the wear resistance and anti-skid performance of the sneakers. The outer ring particles adopt a solid design, which further enhances the wear-resistant and anti-skid performance of the sneakers, while the inner ring particles adopt a semi-hollow design to make the soles lighter. The differentiated structural design of the inner and outer rings, regardless of whether the player turns and stops suddenly or moves quickly, can keep walking steadily and make the core of the body more powerful.

In the design of the upper, Fengci RISE sneakers adopt a lightweight design, which eliminates unnecessary weight and reduces the burden on players. In addition, the fabric has strong breathability, which can not only improve comfort, but also match the wrapping feeling brought by the tongue, so that players can enjoy the sense of fit that combines feet and shoes.

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