Li-Ning Way Of Wade 10 “Blossom” Mid Basketall Shoes

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 10 “Blossom” Mid Basketall Shoes

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 10 - The First Pick

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 10 - 魁星点斗

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 10 “305”


"305" not only represents the Miami area code, but also represents a 16-year fiery journey. Since entering the league in the 2003 draft, Dwyane Wade has always aimed to surpass. In the face of the limit and the unknown, he never compromised, and eventually turned into a spiritual totem of Miami.

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Series: Way Of Wade
Style Code & Color: ABAS075-2 White
Release Date: 2022 Summer
Material : TPU + Textile
Outsole: E-TPA+TPU + Rubber
Tech: Li-ning䨻
Conditions: Brand New and 100%Authentic
1. The thickness of the midsole material is increased, and the resilience performance of the forefoot is increased by 5%.
2. The upper is woven with a light and thin one, inspired by dragonfly wings.
3.CST innovative concept, lightweight foot feel, 43 yards only weighs 372 grams.

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Color White
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