Li-Ning Yu Shuai 14 Men‘s High Basketball Shoes - Blue/Black

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Yushuai, originated from the commander-in-chief in the ancient battlefield who drove a horse-drawn carriage to charge into battle. In the stadium, the offensive focus is like siege, and the defensive blockade is even more solid. Yushuai XIV, do whatever you want and control the audience.This is a new luminous non-polar color, the upper part uses black and blue as the basic color of the sneaker.

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Series: Basketball
Style Code: ABAQ033-1
Color: Black/Blue
Upper: Textile + Syntheric
Sole: EVA + Rubber
Release Date: 2021 Winter
Condition: Brand new and 100% authentic

1. The midsole uses LIGHT FOAM cushioning technology.
2. Large area TPU in the midsole provides anti-torsion performance.
3. The shoe body is made of fabric upper, which provides good support and wrapping.

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