Peak X TaiChi Men's Tony Parker 7 Actual Basketball Shoes-Big White

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December 5, 2018
Taichi of-the-art adaptive technology officially released
232 days since
"When is the launch of taichi basketball shoes?"
Peak basketball shoes team faces "soul torture"
Taichi technology basketball shoes have always been on the road
Since May 2018
State of the art basketball shoes, after 15 months of research and development
10 recipes, over 100 test
The first basketball shoes equipped with taichi technology
Will "transform" into the field

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Series: Taichi
Code & Color: E93323A-1 Big White
Material: Textile + Synthetic Leather
Sole: Rubber
Feature: Anti-torsion, Cushioning, Comfortable, High wear-resistant
Release Date: 2018 Winter
Condition: 100 Authentic and Brand New
1. The polymer intelligent material and the shoe midsole material EVA, the composite state of the "state pole", so that the shoes have two different forms of soft and hard.
2. PEAK SURFACE outer upper for improved lateral support; inner integrated woven upper, refreshing and breathable heel with TPU for improved stability and protection.
3.TPU upgrades the tongue and the Parker element, the new partition breathable upper.
4. The TPU at the heel, the left foot is Parker LOGO, and the right foot is Parker jersey number 9.
5. The outer side of the shoe body TPU, tongue and other designs pay tribute to Tony Parker.
6. The Peak Triangle LOGO at the heel improves stability and protection.
7. Crystal rubber outsole, the nine-corner bottom flower joins the name of Parker's family, which represents Parker's love for his family. The bottom flower spreads in 9 directions, enhancing flexibility.

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