Xtep Jeremy Lin JLIN3 - Calligraphy

Xtep Jeremy Lin JLIN3 - Calligraphy

Xtep Jeremy Lin JLIN3 - Black/White

Xtep Jeremy Lin JLIN3 - Black/White

Xtep Jeremy Lin JLIN3 - Purple


Xtep Jeremy Lin JLIN-3 shoe body is inspired by JL English and number 7 as a whole, and incorporates water elements. Shui's tenacious willpower also represents Jeremy Lin's love and persistence in basketball for so many years.

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Xtep Sports has experienced technological precipitation and leapfrog development of products, and launched the third generation of personal signature basketball shoes for Jeremy Lin - JLIN-3. The overall shape is full of sense of speed, in order to meet the needs of defenders who like to start quickly for sports equipment on the court.

The relatively hard fabric upper has good protection and support. The tongue area is cut in a zigzag shape, bringing a unique visual experience. The hot-melt material is added to the big toe, and the thread embroidery process locks the edge, which echoes the lines of the shoe body, and the shoe body is also more three-dimensional.

There are 7 sets of shoelace holes in total, and different shapes are used in different areas. The first 3 sets of shoelace holes are more special, and the inner webbing material is sewn on the upper to play a role of fixed support. Jeremy Lin's personal LOGO on the top of the tongue, the "will flight for you" and the silhouette of Jeremy Lin holding the ball are printed on the inside of the tongue.

The body of the shoe is covered with water patterns, implying that it is transformed into flowing water, and it is fast to ride the water. The inner lining and the independent foam at the heel are made of cat tongue cloth to increase the coefficient of friction.

Leather material is added to the heel to improve stability and support. The upturned angle of the forefoot is increased to meet the needs of quick start. The XTRA CONTROL anti-twist module on the outside of the forefoot completely covers the outside of the forefoot and extends to the outside of the arch, improving the need for lateral support and anti-rollover during high-intensity direction-changing sports.

The midsole adopts full-length X-TEP BOOOM technology, and the open heel design fully releases the technology, bringing surging rebound and cushioning. The large-area flip-up glass fiber nylon plate on the heel extends from the outside of the arch to the heel, bringing more stability.

The fiberglass nylon plate runs through the arch and turns up on the inside of the arch, effectively improving the support and stability of the arch position. One-piece solid-color rubber outsole, the pattern on the outsole is inspired by Jeremy Lin's own story.

Through the window at the arch of the foot, you can see the built-in carbon fiber stabilizer. The front and back of the insole are densely covered with the same outsole pattern, and the heel is turned up to fit the feet better.

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