Xtep JL7 Jeremy Lin Levitation 7 - White/Pink

Xtep JL7 Jeremy Lin Levitation 7 - White/Pink

Xtep JL7 Jeremy Lin Levitation 7 - Red


Let the speed break through the sky and roam above the clouds. As the new year is approaching, Xtep brings the latest 7th generation of Levitation to people, allowing you to feel a special sense of lightness and speed.

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As a guard-type basketball shoe, Levitation series pursues the ultimate speed experience, and hopes that everyone who wears it can continuously improve themselves, just to be faster. This time, Xtep speeded up and upgraded the Youyun series again, and the new Levitation 7th generation broke through a new speed and came to people.

The combination of speed and beauty, made more complete by design. When you first see the 7th generation of Levitation, you can give people a bright feeling. The overall design language is extremely smooth and long arc lines, and different methods are used to create a sense of depth, speed and direction. Sexual visual representation.

The design of Levitation 7 is inspired by the principle of suspension bridges. Through structural design, the function of the sole is divided into three parts, and the shoe itself can achieve maximum torsional performance and stability.

The energy feedback blessing used in the forefoot, through the power connection of the middle waist, links the front and back palms, and finally matches the stability of the heel, making the overall shoe more complete and bringing ultimate stability. While satisfying the speed, it also enables it to bring a better experience in high-intensity sports.

The blessing of multiple technologies brings the ultimate speed experience. Levitation 7 is a pair of sneakers specially made for defenders. In the design, Xtep's technological strength is also added to meet the high-efficiency performance of the shoes, and the new Levitation 7 will be accelerated again, without fear of any scene.

First of all, it is equipped with special explosive rebound technology on the forefoot, so that the surging energy is stored and ready to go. At the same time, it is matched with the Featherfoam technology midsole to fully activate the foot engine, continuously and efficiently release energy, and bring the ultimate speed experience. Whether it is resilience or cushioning, the blessing of dual technologies makes the Youyun 7th generation more practical.

Then to the mid-waist part, the mid-foot hollow structure adopted not only makes the overall shoe lighter and less burdensome, but also has strong anti-torsion performance, which can make the footsteps more rapid, flexible and more stable. In the rapid running and flexible changes, he can break through without any worries.

Finally, the tray-type TPU structure is used on the back palm, combined with the built-in booster structure, so that when you are accelerating, the power transmission from the front and rear palms brings a stronger sense of speed, and the booster force is generated from the inside, making your speed faster. Faster and stronger. It also further strengthens the overall stability of the shoes and brings better protection performance.

In terms of upper technology, Levitation 7 uses ultra-light transparent mesh material, and the single-layer breathable mesh fabric is lighter, stronger and more breathable. With the blessing of multiple technologies, the Youyun 7th generation is finally made lighter and lighter, and brings the ultimate speed experience to actual combat.

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