Xtep JL7 Jeremy Lin Light Feather Series “Rainbow Candy” Practical Casual Shoes


The Light Feather basketball shoes is a pair of basketball shoes inspired by Jeremy Lin. The shoe upper uses a large area of mono mesh material, combined with the hot-melt process upper, to bring a better sense of wrapping and an integrated wearing experience of the foot .

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Model:Xtep JL7 Jeremy Lin Basketball Shoes
Style Code:980219121276-3 White
Color: Blue/White
Materials: TPU + Textile + Synthetic
Sole: Rubber + EVA
Series: Xtep JL7
Ventilation: breathable
Stiffness: Soft
Release Date: 2020 Fall
100% Authentic and Brand New
Tech: X-Support
1. Midsole cushioning material + hard TPU lining.
2. The wear-resistant outsole responds to actual outfield combat.
3. X-Dynamic Foam midsole configuration.
4. The words "The court killer" on the shoe indicate the level of actual combat in the field.

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Color White