Li-Ning 2018 Wu Kong Men's Lightweight Casual Shoes

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Series: Lifestyle
Style Code & Color: 

AGLN057-1 Black/Grrey/White
AGLN057-2 Black
AGLN057-5 Red/Black/White
Materials: Textile 

Outsole: EV + PU
Tech: RE-FIT
Release Date: 2018 Summer
Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic

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This lining men's soft casual shoes with stylish sock-liner design, it is soft, breathable and comfortable, no you can by this lining wu kong lifestyle sneakers in Hibasketballshoes shop with cheap price.
1. Elastic one woven fabric upper material, soft and breathable
2. Sock-liner design, stylish and comfortable fit ankle
3. EVA+PU outsole, good flexibility and softness
4. Anticollision toe design to reduce feet injuries

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