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Peak x Taichi “Underground Goat” Louis Williams Basketball Sneakers - Light gray colours

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Inspired from name of Louis Williams "UNDERGROUND GOAT". Series: TaichiStyle
Code & Color: E94455A-6 Light gray
Material: Textile + Synthetic leather
Sole: Rubber + EVA
Tech: Peak Taichi
Function: Cushioning, Rebound, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Stable, Package, SupportRelease
Date: 2019 Winter
Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand

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1. The outer "UNDERGROUND" is added on the matching color matching shoe.
2. Left foot webbing, add Louis Williams exclusive cartoon LOGO.
3. Add a 23rd art pattern to the right foot and the rubbery sole.
4. The pattern hidden next to the dynamic lacing system is the Louis Williams handwritten signature pattern.
5. Red and blue color matching, novel fashion and vitality.
6. The TPU support device stabilizes the motion gait.
7. Optimized design for the characteristics of the state basketball shoes, equipped with double TPU support device, foot-shaped large-area stereo TPU, to solve the problem of soft state under low-speed state.
8. Followed by a fixed point TPU to maintain landing stability.
9. Collage help to help the performance of the stadium
10. High wear-resistant rubber outsole for field battles
11. The whole palm rubber combination state is extremely pattern, herringbone pattern, beautiful and fashionable, ensuring excellent grip, non-slip wear resistance.

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