Anta x The Avengers 4 Marvel

Anta x The Avengers 4 Marvel "Iron Man" Seeed Men's Sport Shoes - Black/Yellow

Anta x The Avengers 4 Marvel "Iron Man" Seeed Men's Sport Shoes - Red/Black


This is a pre-sale and will be shipped in November.

Salute the hero
Design inspiration + technology
Series: Marvel
Style Code & Color: 912015555-1
Material: Textile
Sole: Rubber + EVA + TPU
Tech: A-WEB, A-Flashfoam
Function: Cushioning, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Breathable, Package, Support
Release Date: 2019 Winter
Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand New

Availability: Out of stock

1. A-PROOO accumulator capsule, the airbag distribution structure is designed according to the pressure distribution matrix of the footstep to bring a soft and soft experience to the feet.
2. The power storage catheter adjusts the pressure difference between the front and rear palm airbags during the movement, so that the airbag is converted from the air potential energy into the forward power airbag to generate a pressure difference, and the movement energy is saved by the rebound force of the power storage conduit.
3. The plastic material brand BASF is light, high elastic and wear resistant.
4. Iron Man's face is perfectly evolved, the mask is designed in the body of the shoe, and the iron man's face is the inspiration. The red gold color of the shoe perfectly echoes the classic armor shape of the Iron Man. The mesh and the TPU combine to enhance the foot wrapping and comfort. Sex.
5. After the gold IRON MAN lettering, the strap design is easy to wear and take off.
6. Outsole rubber patch pattern, reference mask rhombic design, echoes the design theme of large grain shading while ensuring non-slip and wear resistance.


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