Li-Ning Badfive 2 “惟楚有材” Low Men‘s Basketball Shoes - Emerald green

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Lining Badfive 2 rebound shock absorption high-top basketball outfield shoes, using simple color matching, simple and casual. Using technology to create outfield basketball shoes, the midsole is divided into front and rear palms "beng" technology to fill the abdomen, which effectively reduces the impact of landing, and the thin and high-top design effectively protects the ankle.

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Series: Basketball
Style Code & Color:ABFR005-10 Emerald green
Release Date: 2021 Summer
Material : TPU + Textile
Outsole: E-TPA+TPU
Conditions: Brand New and 100%Authentic
1. Full palm Light Foam cushioning technology, cushioning and rebounding.
2. Tuff RB combined with rubber texture design, wear-resistant and non-slip.
3. Lightweight and high-top design, effectively protect the ankle.

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