Peak x Taichi “Underground Goat” Louis Williams Basketball Sneakers - Cherry blossoms


Peak uses cherry blossom as a special metaphor for its exclusive sneaker color. Inspired by the romantic cherry blossom season, the shoe body is mainly decorated with pale pink and white. Many details add exclusive special elements, and the appearance value is online all the time, making you always the focus of attention.

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Series: Taichi
Style Code & Color: E94455A-520 Pink
Material: Textile + Synthetic leather
Sole: Rubber + EVA
Tech: Peak Taichi
Function: Cushioning, Rebound, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Stable, Package, Support
Release Date: 2020 Summer
Conditions: 100% Authentic and Brand Ne
1. The TPU support device stabilizes the motion gait.
2. Followed by a fixed point TPU to maintain landing stability.
3. Collage help to help the performance of the stadium
4. High wear-resistant rubber outsole for field battles
5. The whole palm rubber combination state is extremely pattern.

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Color Pink